A. Mukherjee & Co., (AMAC) started as a one-man show initially but has over a period of time, since mobilization, become a one of a kind “Boutique Firm” primarily focused on the subject of Intellectual Property Rights. However, with time owing to the demands of the subject has spread its wings to cover and render services in corporate practices and incidental civil practices.

AMAC, as we have been nicknamed during the course of rendering our two bits to our friends, began by primarily focusing on Intellectual Property Law from applications to litigations, one at a time one a very domestic plane at the time of inception and then globally.

AMAC, through its several correspondents, friends, jurists and well-wishers has come to be well conversant and if it may be put succinctly, proficient with the Intellectual Property Rights and Laws as well as other incidental and consequential related laws, practice(s) and procedure(s). The people attached to AMAC are tried and tested professionals who are individually assigned matters (or “projects” as we like to call it at AMAC) for that special “Boutique” touch because AMAC understands the sensitivity of each project as also that each project requires by necessity a different and customized approach and solution.

Each project is looked at differently while keeping in mind the precedents and specific requirements of the clients approaching AMAC which lend experience to safe guard the rights and interests of the clients.

Our professionals are competent and we hope and undertake to meet global standards through continuous grooming in Drafting, Arguing and Negotiating to resolve projects. For the purposes of filtering and maintaining a sense of reliability and experience, AMAC promises one on one sessions with its senior professionals, none of who hold any less than 10 years of experience in the relevant required fields.

Albeit even though AMAC professionals are tasked with individual projects all members of AMAC workforce work together as an army unit under central command, where every individual idea and/or input is considered with respect.. AMAC can proudly say “you mess with the bull, you get the horns”…and in the words of Steve Jobs “…great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.”

AMAC admits to running a business because be it professionals or un-professionals, both need to survive. AMAC understands the absolute need for confidentiality of the client friends approaching AMAC and promises every ounce of confidentiality required. AMAC has a global footprint but understands that every bit of information being provided to AMAC is of absolute intrinsic value to both AMAC and its clientele.

At AMAC there is a constant watch and research on major developments initiated by the Governments for protection of Intellectual Property Rights and other statutory rights. India being a Common Law Country and AMAC being based in India, AMAC and its professionals have a better understanding of the Common Law Rights as well as the fundamental and constitutional rights which require absolute safeguard.

The AMAC Station (Office) is situated in Kolkata, India, the “Cultural Capital” of the country. Well historically, Kolkata or “Calcutta” as it was known earlier, remained the capital of the country during the British Raaj, was also the legal epicentre since the High Court at Calcutta once upon a time was the Supreme seat of Judicature. Anyhow … the Kolkata Patent office is the principal office for Patents & Designs for registrations in India. Kolkata being one of the oldest metropolises of India is also rich in quantitative business and qualitative control thereof..