A. MUKHERJEE & CO’s Copyright Services include the following:-


  • Filing & Prosecution of Copyright.
  • Opposition, Cancellation and Rectification.
  • Post Registration Services.
  • Licensing.
  • Copyright Infringement Opinions.


Copyright is a kind of intellectual property which has to do with original works. Much like the concept of patents, which has to do with inventions, copyright recognises the importance of artists, designers, composers, authors who actually for the original and/or master print. The object of copyright law is to encourage authors, composers, artists and designers to create original works by forming a process by the use of which the original creator can commercially exploit his art without anyone else reaping the rewards thereof. The economic exploitation is however done by a second class of persons who seek licence of the original copyright.


Copyright is a property right which subsists (exists) in various ‘works’ for example literary works, artistic works, sound recording, films and broadcasts. The author of a work is the person who creates it and he (or his employer) is normally the first owner of the copyright.